Announcing the 12th Nordic Conference on Construction Economics and Organisation

The 12th Nordic Conference on Construction Economics and Organisation will be hosted by NTNU in Trondheim 30-31 May 2024

Performance under complex conditions

Construction economics and organization are challenged to bring sustainability and increased value creation into projects. This will require performance on a higher level in a time when the situation in society seems to offer more challenges, complexity, and uncertainty than ever. It challenges the decision makers on projects, professional planners and designers, contractors, and suppliers – and even the researchers. These challenges will be the theme of next year’s conference.

Examples of themes and cases we will involve with during the conference:

  • World Ski Championship in Trondheim 2025. This example illustrates performance on all levels; individual, team, project – and even on a societal level through engaging people in a fabulous event.
  • Campus development – the conference will be held in the midst of a huge upgrade program for developing NTNU campus in Trondheim, a program that has met all the challenges we could think of and a few more. In a wide sense, the term ‘campus’ does not need to indicate university or even educational functions. Even single building projects are embedded in a neighbourhood, transport system, energy system etc. Even more so is the urban city development.
  • Infrastructure projects are becoming more and more complex – not necessarily due to the increasing size in monetary terms, but both technical through integration of systems, organizational through involvement of more stakeholders, and with moving goals that are constantly renegotiated.

We will welcome papers and presentations on all the aspects mentioned above and more. The discussions will be engaging and fun like previous conferences. It becomes what we make it – together!

Important dates

Call for abstractNovember 1st 2023
Feedback abstractDecember 1st 2023
Paper deadline  February 1st 2024
Feedback from reviewersMarch 1st 2024
Conference registration opensJanuary 1st 2024
Final paper submissionApril 1st 2024
Conference DatesMay 30. – 31. 2024

See you in Trondheim 30.-31. May 2024.

More information to follow soon!