Announcement of CREON General Assembly

The next CREON General Assembly will be held on 31 May 2024 in conjunction with the 12th Nordic Conference on Construction Economics and Organization at NTBU in Trondheim, Norway. The exact time and meeting place will be announced soon. The General Assembly is called with the following agenda:

  • Welcome
  • Meeting agenda to be approved
  • Registration of members
  • Approval of chair of meeting
  • Approval of keeper of the minutes
  • Chairpeson report
  • Approval of accounts and budget
  • Action plan for the coming two years
  • Election of the members of CREON board
  • Proposals
  • Any other business
  • Meeting closing

Any proposals must be sent to the board 14 days in advance of the meeting. Please forward them to the chair of the board: Stefan Christoffer Gottlieb, Aalborg University, Denmark.

The Meeting is open for all conference delegates, however, only individual members of CREON or delegates employed at a university with an institutional membership of CREON are eligible to vote.

If you are interested in joining the boar of members, please contact CREON’s chairperson before of during the conference.

CREON 2024 conference website launched

We are pleased to announce that the conference webite for the upcoming CREON 2024 conference (12th Nordic Conference on Construction Economics and Organization) now is launched:. Click on the image below to vist the site.

You will find all relevant information regarding the conference there – including how to register for the conference.

Abstract submission now open for 12th Nordic conference on Construction Economics and Organisation

We are pleased to announce that we have opened for abstract submissions to the 12th Nordic Conference on Construction Economics and Organisation.

Submit your abstract here:

Important dates:

  • Abstract deadline: December 1st 2023
  • Feedback abstract: December 15th 2023
  • Paper deadline: February 1st 2024

Maximum abstract length is 300 words.

When deciding the detailed program, we will strive for the same balance between academic conversations and informal dialogue as the organizers of the 11th conference in Copenhagen/Malmø in 2022 did.

The presentations of the papers with following discussions will be engaging and fun. The conference becomes what we make it – together!

Announcing the 12th Nordic Conference on Construction Economics and Organisation

The 12th Nordic Conference on Construction Economics and Organisation will be hosted by NTNU in Trondheim 30-31 May 2024

Performance under complex conditions

Construction economics and organization are challenged to bring sustainability and increased value creation into projects. This will require performance on a higher level in a time when the situation in society seems to offer more challenges, complexity, and uncertainty than ever. It challenges the decision makers on projects, professional planners and designers, contractors, and suppliers – and even the researchers. These challenges will be the theme of next year’s conference.

Examples of themes and cases we will involve with during the conference:

  • World Ski Championship in Trondheim 2025. This example illustrates performance on all levels; individual, team, project – and even on a societal level through engaging people in a fabulous event.
  • Campus development – the conference will be held in the midst of a huge upgrade program for developing NTNU campus in Trondheim, a program that has met all the challenges we could think of and a few more. In a wide sense, the term ‘campus’ does not need to indicate university or even educational functions. Even single building projects are embedded in a neighbourhood, transport system, energy system etc. Even more so is the urban city development.
  • Infrastructure projects are becoming more and more complex – not necessarily due to the increasing size in monetary terms, but both technical through integration of systems, organizational through involvement of more stakeholders, and with moving goals that are constantly renegotiated.

We will welcome papers and presentations on all the aspects mentioned above and more. The discussions will be engaging and fun like previous conferences. It becomes what we make it – together!

Important dates

Call for abstractNovember 1st 2023
Feedback abstractDecember 1st 2023
Paper deadline  February 1st 2024
Feedback from reviewersMarch 1st 2024
Conference registration opensJanuary 1st 2024
Final paper submissionApril 1st 2024
Conference DatesMay 30. – 31. 2024

See you in Trondheim 30.-31. May 2024.

More information to follow soon!

Informal reception in Malmö at the CREON 2022 conference

On Thursday 18 May, we will have an informal reception in Malmö in continuation of the PhD workshop.

The theme for informal reception is CURIOSITY

As children investigate the world they ask questions. Straightforward questions such as why, what, what does it mean, and why did you do that? We, as researchers do pretty much the same and call it interviews and questionnaires.

We have colleagues… children have friends and children’s stories have characters to join them. So, we shall meet them too, the children’s colleagues.

The informal pre-reception will take place at Funnys in Malmö, May 18th at 18.00. Interested to come along? Send an e-mail to and let us know so that we have the right number of toys available.

We do not provide transport for the informal reception, but it is quite easy to take the train from Copenhagen Central Station to Triangeln station. The train ride takes app. 40 minutes, and tickets can be bought using ticket vending machines found at all stations. From Triangeln there is a 20 minutes’ walk to reach the venue. Just remember your passport or other ID when you cross the border, even though control is very relaxed.

PhD seminar at CREON conference


A seminar based on a discussion on how we present ourselves as researchers. In times of true and fake facts, the roles we take on when presenting and representing research and the research community is important. Sometimes we know what we are addressing and sometimes we are expected to, as researchers, shed light on issues, we have little or very little knowledge about. So, how do we take on this role of representing research. And, what challenges does this pose for PhD candidates.

In addition to Goffman’s own texts (recommended) an interesting read is:
Laura Purdy & Robyn Jones (2013) Changing personas and evolving identities: the contestation and renegotiation of researcher roles in fieldwork, Sport, Education and Society, 18:3, 292-310, DOI: 10.1080/13573322.2011.586688

When & where
The seminar takes place at Nöjesteatern in Malmö on May 18th between 12.00-17.00
The seminar will be followed by an evening activity, an informal welcome reception of the conference.

There is no fee for the seminar, food and drinks will be provided.
To participate register by sending an e-mail to, register not later than May 9th.

Other info
The seminar is co-organized with CREON and the 11th Nordic conference on construction economics and organization.

The target group for the seminar are PhD students, other researchers interested in the topic are also welcome to contribute.

The seminar is coordinated by Göran Lindahl, professor, Chalmers University of Technology, any questions regarding the seminar should be addressed to him
For Swedish PhD students the seminar contributes with a travel cost support of 3000SEK.

Program for the 11th Nordic CREON conference

The program for the 11th Nordic conference on Construction Economics and Organisation is now available. We are excited to present a program that will hopefully balance academic conversations with a lot of social and informal dialogue and opportunity for catching up after a few long years of COVID-19 restrictions.

Day 1: PhD workshop

We kick-off the conference with a PhD workshop on the 18 May. This will take place in Malmö, where we also will have an informal welcome reception and self-organized dinner for PhD students, supervisors and other interested. Take notice that we will not have any transport arranged for this part of the program.

Day 2: Socializing and study visit in Malmö

On 19 May, we have chosen to focus on ‘socializing and inspiration’ as our theme. We will start with a study visit at Malmö New Hospital where Christer Hallgren, who is in charge of the construction activities, will host the session and give a tour and talk about the ambitious project that does not only include the construction of a new hospital building — it also includes a new service building and logistics center that includes a state-of-the-art laboratory. After the site visit, we will have a workshop to discuss different perspectives on construction production, economics and organization.  In the afternoon we transfer to Copenhagen for the conference dinner and some more socializing.

We have provided transfer by bus between Copenhagen and Malmö. The bus will depart at 08.00 from Aalborg University’s campus in Copenhagen and return at 17.00 in time for the conference dinner. So if you stay in Copenhagen, you will not have to worry about the transport.

Day 3: Paper presentations and academic discussions

On 20 May, we have the paper presentations and discussions at Aalborg university’s conference venue in Copenhagen. We have approximately 30 papers accepted for the conference and aim at having four parallel sessions in two rounds, which should give time to discuss the papers in-depth. We also have a keynote speech by Head of Sustainability in the Danish contracting firm Enemærke og Petersen (E&P). E&P is known as one of the most innovative contracting firms in Denmark with a strong profile in social and environmental sustainability and has recent years been involved in numerous research and development projects to improve productivity, working conditions and reduce environmental impact.

The tentative program can be seen below. We look forward to seeing you all!

Registration is open for the 11 Nordic CREON conference

We are pleased to announce that we now have opened for registration for the 11th Nordic Conference on Construction Economics and Organisation to be held in Malmö and Copenhagen on 19-20May 2022. In addition, a PhD workshop will be held in Malmö on the 18 of May. For more information on this PhD workshop, please contact Göran Lindahl at Chalmers University.

The registration module is available at:

We accept only credit card payment. If you cannot pay with a credit card, your participation can be registered manually. In this case, please send an email to Haseeb Wahedi ( with your name, contact and payment information. You will then receive your invoice when the registration is completed.

The fees for participation in the conference are as follows:

  • Standard fee: €325
  • Members of CREON fee: €300
  • PhD students: €275

The fee for participating in the conference dinner is €75. We have to charge this fee individually for VAT reasons, so please remember to tick the necessary box when registering.

Due to system constraints, all fees are shown in the local Danish currency (DKK) in the registration module. We apologize for any inconveniences this may give rise to.  

We have provided free of charge bus transfer from Aalborg University Copenhagen to the venue in Malmö on the 19 May in the morning – and back again in the afternoon for the conference dinner. We you want to make use of this offer, remember to select this option in the registration form.

If you have any questions, please contact Haseeb Wahedi ( or Stefan Gottlieb (

Extension of deadline for full papers

Due to many requests, we have decided to keep the deadline for submission of full papers open until 15 February.

Papers that have been received prior to the original deadline will be reviewed before 28 February as planned. New papers received between 15 January and 15 February will be reviewed as soon as possible.

All papers should be submitted via the paper submission site found here:

Any inquires should be directed to the conference organizers.