PhD Workshop

Abstracts: the trick of the trade – a workshop on the art of writing an effective abstract
Christine Räisänen and Martine Buser

Starting point and preparation
This PhD workshop focuses on titles and abstracts, two of the most crucial communicative elements for the dissemination of research. The abstract reflects the coherence and content of the research it presents/represents. It also reflects the authors’ knowledge and skill in communicating research. Most importantly, it enables the reader to make sense of the prospective article. However, abstracts far too often miss the mark! Why is this?

In the workshop we will be analysing published abstracts as well as those of the participants. Therefore, the requisite for the course is that you send us an abstract for a paper you are currently in the process of writing as well as the abstract you submitted to the Nordic Conference. Martine and Christine will give you feedback on these abstracts. At the workshop, we will adopt a ‘learning by doing’ approach to improving your texts. As a preparation, reflect and consider the challenges you have had when writing abstracts and prepare to share with the other participants.

Workshop, program
09.30 Coffee
10.00 Problematising titles and abstracts: what, how and why
The logic, structure and organisation of effective titles and abstracts
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Learning by doing and peer-response
15.00 Coffee break
15.30 Follow-up and recap
17.00 End
18.00 Conference reception at Älvrummet, see separate information

The workshop will take place at Chalmers in conjunction with the 9th Nordic Conference on Construction Economics and Organisation and concerns PhD candidates within the conference subject area.

Registration via conference registration (if you are also participating in the conference) or via e-mail to (if you are  not attending the conference).

Titles and abstracts should be sent to no later than May 29th. Please mark the file: PhD_WS+your name.

9th Nordic conference, registration and accommodation

Conference Registration

Conference registration for the 9th Nordic Conference on Construction Economics and Organisation is now open. You can find it via this web link:

The registration concerns the conference on June 13th and 14th as well as a possibility to register for the PhD workshop (if you are a PhD student) which takes place on June 12th.

NB: After April 30th a higher rate is applicable for all.


You can book hotel in two ways:

  1. There are a number of hotels in the Göteborg region. You can use any web based booking service to book hotel.
  2. The university has an agreement with Panorama Hotel. Prices are 935 SEK/night for single room and 1159 SEK/night for double room. To use this agreement, contact the hotel directly via details below.

Tel: +46 (0)31-767 70 50
Bookning code: CEO2017

NB: This option is open until April 12th.

Looking forward to see you all in Göteborg!

Updated timeline and info

Time waits for no one, below is an updated timeline for the 9th Nordic Conference on Construction Economics and Organisation. See you in Göteborg, Sweden!

16 December, submission of paper version 1.

10 February, review 1 decision
10 March, submission 2 revised paper
07 April, review 2 and final decision
19 April, submission final paper
12 June, PhD workshop
13-14 June, Conference

Revised submission date for paper draft 1

Revised submission date is now December 16th.

When submitting via Easychair, do it as submission 2 and use the number you got when you submitted your abstract 🙂

Practical info will be posted in first week of January.

For those attendees that are PhD candidates/students. There is a PhD workshop on June 12th, 10.00-17.00. This is free and includes coffee/lunch. Information will be posted in the beginning of 2017.

Revised dates for 9th conference!

The 9th Nordic conference has a new timeline. We encourage submissions to this event. See you in Göteborg, Sweden!

23 September, abstract submission
14 October, notification of abstracts
02 December, submission 1 paper draft

25 January, review 1 decision
10 March, submission 2 revised paper
07 April, review 2 and final decision
19 April, submission final paper
13-14 June Conference

Call for Papers: Revised paper deadlines for 9th Nordic Conference

The 9th Nordic Conference on Construction Economics and Organisation will take place at Chalmers University of Technology in Göteborg, Sweden, June 13-14, 2017.

A new outline of important dates can be found in the attached folder or below. Please note that the deadlines for submission of abstracts and draft papers have been changed:

Important dates
9 September 2016 abstract submission
27 September 2016 notification of abstracts
28 October 2016 submission 1 paper draft
28 November 2016 review 1 decision
20 December 2016 submission 2 revised paper
25 January 2017 review 2 decision
13 March 2017 submission final paper
13-14 June 2017 Conference

9thNordic – Call for papers

Award winners at 8th Nordic Conference on Construction Economics and Organisation 2015

Award winners at 8th Nordic Conference on Construction Economics and Organisation 2015

Winner of the best paper award:

Christoph Merschbrock and Alejandro Figueres-Munoz, Oslo and Akershus University College, Norway with the paper: Circumventing Obstacles in Digital Construction Design – A Workaround Theory Perspective.

regular paper

Winners of best doctoral paper award:

Janni Tjell and Petra M. Bosch-Sijtsema, Chalmers University of Technology with the paper: Visual Management in Mid-sized Construction Design Projects

doctoral paper

We congratulate the winners, pictured with Chairman of CREON, Kalle Kähkonen (right) and Brian Atkin (left).

The papers are published in Procedia Economics and Finance, 2015 (Vol. 21).

8th Nordic Conference on Construction Economics and Organization

8th Nordic Conference on Construction Economics and Organization

Leadership for targeted change and proven advancements 28-29 May 2015 Tampere, Finland

Nordic conferences on Construction Economics and Organization have been biennial events for academics and industry people. These events are bringing together experts globally and those particularly from Nordic countries for sharing and learning new knowledge, to meet colleagues, get new connection and to visit/see interesting construction case projects or companies. For academics these conferences are important publishing channels. The accepted double blind reviewed papers are published using recognised academic media.

Abstract submission deadline September 15, 2014

We welcome both academic and industry contributions to the 8th Nordic Conference on Construction Economics and Organization. A special program for doctoral students is provided within this conference. Abstracts and full papers shall be double-blind reviewed by leading experts. The accepted papers shall be published in the conference proceedings book. The best contributions shall be recognized via best paper awards and chances for getting their papers published via short track in a well-known scientific journal.


The 8th Nordic conference on Construction Economics and Organization has its focus on the business environment change described above and its consequences. With its general theme “Leadership for targeted change and proven advancements” this conference is bringing together leading experts from academia and industry for showing the way ahead based on the latest research based findings and industrial experiences. We welcome contributions from industry, research institutes and academics. Accordingly, a somewhat more specific themes of the conference include, but are not limited to:

  1. Innovations for improved construction quality and performance
  2. Paradigm changes – what is expected from real estate and construction sector and what is ahead of us?
  3. Understanding the value of spaces, buildings and built environment
  4. Different stakeholders in the real estate and construction sector – Solutions for their integration and management
  5. New procurement models and approaches
  6. Reshaping construction management for improved and resource efficiency
  7. Digitalised construction and real estate management practices
  8. Other research-based or business-based results having linkage to the overall conference theme

Please visit the website to submit an abstract and to find more information about the event