New MSc programme in Construction in Emerging Economies

A new MSc programme in Construction in Emerging Economies is starting at the University of Reading, UK, headed by Prof Will Hughes. The MSc Construction in Emerging Economies is recruiting students now, for a programme that starts in October 2014. This course may well be of interest to final year undergraduates in all parts of the world. For more detailed information about the course please go to:
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Memorandum of Understanding with CIB signed

CREON and CIB (The International Council for Research and Development in Building and Construction) has now signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

The Memorandum of Understanding formally creates a channel of communication between the members of CREON and the members of CIB. We hope that this will increase the opportunities for collaboration, exchange information on current and future activities, stimulate young researchers to join the international community of researchers on construction economics and organisation, and help researchers disseminate their work more widely.

At the outset we envisage a number of ways in which CIB and CREON might collaborate, including:

  • coordination of the planning and timing of conferences,
  • mutual financial benefits, for example a 20 % discount for CIB members of the conference fee at the next Nordic Conference on Construction Economics and Organisation,
  • circulation of the CIB Newsletter to CREON members through a link on the CREON web site,
  • promotion of our conferences more widely to our mutual benefit, organising webinars to debate on globally topical issues,
  • and undertaking joint activities of benefit to both CIB and CREON.